Center Point Art Mission

Center Point Art is a vibrant venue for contemporary art that includes large-scale sculptural installations as well as an active artist residency program. Its mission is to further the town’s revitalization program by drawing in rigorous art and culture, including educational programs, to the community. The residency program commissions important contemporary artists to live and work in Center Point, further supporting this mission. The exhibition space and outdoor sculptures bring unprecedented installations to the area and allow CPA to cultivate dialogue as a focal point for cultural interaction in the central Texas region. CPA’s vision is led by Sara Story, a New York and Center Point based designer, who believes strongly in historical restoration as well as contemporary art and design as transformative aesthetic and educational experiences.

Center Point Revitalization

Located in Texas Hill Country on the Guadalupe River, where the Southeast meets the Southwest, Center Point is one of the oldest settlements in the region, formed in 1859. It remained a vibrant commercial center until the 1920s when it was bypassed by a new paved highway, making it less accessible than neighboring towns. Soon, the community was severely crippled by the depression, not fully recovering until recent restoration efforts that have made a significant impact and improvement.  

These efforts were led by the Story family, local residents, who purchased and renovated several landmark buildings in the town. This spurred the community to come together, and they in turn established a historical park and relocated an original train station, which provides context for visitors to better understand Center Point’s important connection with the Texas Rangers. Many of the historic settler and ranger houses in the area have also been restored, making Center Point a unique and historical destination